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      TTM is pleased to announce the name change of its Wireless BU. Effective January 1, 2021, Wireless BU is now named RF & Specialty Components BU (RF&S) to better reflect the developing nature of this BU and TTM's intention to support our customers with broad based high performance engineered component solutions.
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      TTM North Jackson (NJ) charitable events during the 2017 Christmas holiday season

      NJ’s Community Outreach and Just For Fun Committees hosted a couple of events this past Christmas holiday season. One of them was a “Hunger Games” movie themed food drive during the months of November to December, 2017, to benefit the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley and a Christmas Giving Tree on December 15th for the same charity organization.

      This non-profit organization is a homeless shelter in the Youngstown, Ohio area. They provide food, shelter, safety, counseling, and a second chance at life. The shelter last year provided overnight stays for 41,150 people and can hold up to 30 families at a time. This shelter has provided endless support for the Mahoning County since 1893.

      Through the 2 events, NJ donated a total of 4,862 non-perishable food items, which was much more than last year’s total by 1,361 items! Over 30 presents were also donated to children at the shelter on Christmas Day.


      Crystal Eckman and Brad Weber, representatives from the Rescue Mission, presenting NJ with a certificate of appreciation for the giving tree and food drive.


      Presents donated by NJ employees

      TTM Chippewa Falls (CF) Local Food Drive

      TTM Chippewa Falls (CF) Just Fun Committee hosted a food drive and donation event in February, 2017 to benefit the Feed My People Food Bank in Wisconsin. In 2016, the Feed My People Food Bank distributed over 7.5 million pounds of food to over 125 hunger-relief agencies. Nearly 70,000 individuals living in the local 14 county service area (including 25,000 children) relied on food supplied by Feed My People.

      Through collective efforts of our employees from all shifts and departments, CF raised $2,600 and gathered 660 lbs of food for the local food bank.


      TTM Chippewa Falls (CF) employees’ participation in the charity drive for the local food bank.

      Stafford's got Your Back… or Better Yet, Your Heart

      Stafford, CT - On May 26th TTM Stafford received recognition as a HeartSafe workplace. TTM Stafford is one of several businesses to receive this status in Connecticut. A certificate signed by Commissioner Raul Pino of the Connecticut State Department of Public Health was presented to TTM Stafford General Manager, Kim Sfreddo. Michael Rivers from the Department of Public Health was onsite to present.

      The HeartSafe Program began in 2006 by the Department of Public Health to improve the survival odds of people suffering sudden cardiac arrests or heart attacks. TTM promotes and supports the American Heart Association's "Chain of Survival". This strategy increases the amount of responders onsite thus decreasing the time it takes to respond to a person suffering from a cardiac event.

      TTM Stafford provided CPR training in the workplace to over 10% of their staff, as well as access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) that are strategically placed throughout the facilities. TTM Stafford also has teams of trained first responders for more advanced care.

      The HeartSafe Program is a great accomplishment for TTM and a goal to be shared by other TTM facilities.

      Michael Rivers, Department of Health presenting to General Manager, Kim Sfreddo alongside a portion of the CPR trained employees.

      Michael Rivers, Department of Health presenting to General Manager, Kim Sfreddo alongside a portion of the CPR trained employees.

      Chippewa Falls Holds Charity Fund Raiser

      October 9, 2015 - Chippewa Falls, WI - Looking to raise money for local charity, Helping Hands, the employees at the Chippewa Falls Division held a 3-day fund raising event. A dunk tank was brought in and gave employees the opportunity to dunk their fellow employees. Employees could purchase 6 throws for $5.00 or 1 throw for $1.00. The event was held over three days to give all shifts a shot at the dunking booth. In all, the employees at Chippewa Falls raised over $1,730 dollars for Helping Hands! Representatives from Helping Hands were grateful for the donation as they were concerned they were not going to have enough to help local families this Christmas. Thanks to the generosity of the employees at the Chippewa Falls Division, their donation will give Helping Hands the funds they need.

      Mike Carter - General Manager braves the frigid temps at 6am

      Mike Carter - General Manager braves the frigid temps at 6am.

      John Lynn - Director of Operations dunks James Dutton - Mod Manager

      John Lynn - Director of Operations dunks James Dutton - Mod Manager.

      Becky Pope - Lam/Drill Tech takes down Craig Tinsman -Mod Manager

      Becky Pope - Lam/Drill Tech takes down Craig Tinsman - Mod Manager.

      Steve Billiet - Director of NPI Engineering & Quality awaiting a throw in the early morning hours

      Steve Billiet - Director of NPI Engineering & Quality awaiting a throw in the early morning hours.

      Chippewa Falls Helps High School Students Launch Weather Balloon

      January 17, 2015 - Chippewa Falls, WI - After two months of planning and preparation, students from the Chippewa Falls High School - High Altitude Balloon Club successfully completed the launch of their third weather balloon. Working with Physics teacher, Nick Gagnon, the Community Outreach Committee from the Chippewa Falls division supported the students with all the supplies needed for the project. Students used GPS technology to measure and record temperature, pressure and humidity levels while shortwave radio signals were used to track the balloon. Tracking the balloon to see how far it travels and where it lands is also another exciting part of the project. According to Andrew Martineau, a senior at Chippewa Falls High School, "We'll drive for a couple hours, stop somewhere with some Wi-Fi to check where it is, and then go find it and hopefully it's not in a tree somewhere." However, that's exactly where the balloon ended up - in a tree 130 miles away in the town of Antigo!

      The Community Outreach Team at Chippewa Falls was proud to assist with the balloon launch and will continue to work with the students at the Chippewa Falls High School. Engineers will partner with the school to provide assistance on future projects, including more balloon launches.



      Students from the High Altitude Balloon Club at Chippewa Falls High School prepare for the balloon launch.

      Chippewa Falls Holds Food Drive for Local Salvation Army

      January 12, 2015 - Chippewa Falls, WI - In a show of community spirit, employees at the Chippewa Falls facility rallied together to assist their local food bank. On December 6th, a food drive was held to help raise money and collect food for the Chippewa County Salvation Army. Employees had a great time collecting. There were even competitions between departments to see who could collect the most donations. Vendors and suppliers also contributed by generously giving monetary donations as well as prizes for employee raffles. All monies collected from the raffle also went to the Salvation Army. On December 21st, when the food drive ended the employees at the Chippewa Falls facility had raised $6,038.00. The final total collected, (food + money converted to pounds) was 27,000 pounds!

      On January 12th, all items were delivered to the Salvation Army; three trucks were needed to deliver all the food! According to Renee Wurzer, the Coordinator at the Salvation Army, "this is the largest single donation in 2 years". The employees at Chippewa Falls beat out the U.S. Postal Service's 2013 food drive by 2,700 pounds!

      The story of TTM - Chippewa Falls' big delivery also made local news. Amazingly, this was the first food drive held at the Chippewa Falls facility; but it will not be the last. Employees, vendors, and suppliers had so much fun that they've already decided to make it a yearly event.

      Food Donation Food Donation
      Food Donation Food Donation

      Employees at Chippewa Falls facility display donated non-perishable food items.

      Food Donation

      Non-perishable food collected from the Chippewa Falls food drive is loaded onto a truck headed for the Salvation Army.

      Employees from the Chippewa Falls division present a check to the Chippewa County Salvation Army

      Employees from the Chippewa Falls division present a check to the Chippewa County Salvation Army

      Stafford Division Celebrates 50 Years with New Bell Tower and Ribbon Cutting

      2014 marks the 50th year that the Stafford Division has been operating as a PCB facility. To help commemorate this milestone, a new bell tower was constructed and installed, restoring the building to its original look. 4 Old Monson Road is the location of Stafford's Main Plant. In 1881, the Riverside Woolen Mill was built at this location for the purpose of manufacturing cassimere, a medium-weight woolen cloth. By 1906, this mill was known as one of the leaders in the manufacture of fine men's and women's woolen ware. During World War II, 20-ounce olive drab melton suitings were made to help keep America's armed forces warm in Europe. The production of woolen goods continued through the post-war period, but the plant ceased operations in 1959 due to competition from synthetic fabric makers. In 1964, the Riverside Mill was retrofitted to become a printed circuit manufacturing operation.

      For 67 years, the original bell tower on this mill building was an integral part of the Stafford community, ringing at morning and noon to summon the Mill employees to work and then again at 9:00 pm to remind children that it was time to get home. Sadly, in 1948, due to deterioration from weather and termites, the original bell and tower had to be taken down. Now 66 years later, the bell tower has been restored. The design for the new tower was based on the original pencil drawing of the Riverside Mill. The bell, which is from the same era as the original bell, came from a schoolhouse in Murrysville, PA. The design for the weathervane came from an 1883 Westervelt Company catalog. The Westervelt Company was one of the primary manufacturers of American weathervanes in the 1880s.

      On December 17, 2014, a special ribbon cutting ceremony for the bell tower was held. In attendance were Chairman, Rob Klatell, President and CEO, Tom Edman, Congressman Joe Courtney, State Senator Tony Guglielmo, Doug Soder, President - NABU, as well as other state and local dignitaries. While the ribbon was cut, the bell was rung 5 times (once for each decade) surprising and delighting everyone who was there.

      Dave Bartlett, President of the Stafford Historical Society

      Dave Bartlett, President of the Stafford Historical Society presents TTM Stafford Division with a certificate of recognition at the bell tower ceremony. Pictured with Mr. Bartlett are Dec, and Sean Patterson, Stafford Division General Manager.

      Sean Patterson, Stafford Division GM

      Sean Patterson, Stafford Division GM, Tom Edman, Rob Klatell, and Doug Soder, along with honored guests cut the ribbon to celebrate the 50th anniversary and new bell tower of the Stafford Division.

      Stafford division with new bell tower

      Stafford Division with new bell tower.