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      TTM is pleased to announce the name change of its Wireless BU. Effective January 1, 2021, Wireless BU is now named RF & Specialty Components BU (RF&S) to better reflect the developing nature of this BU and TTM's intention to support our customers with broad based high performance engineered component solutions.
      Markets We Serve
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      Markets We Serve

      TTM has a highly diversified revenue base that covers key growth markets and over 1,000 customers from around the world. The markets we serve are characterized by rapid product introduction cycles and demand for time-critical services followed by full-scale production.

      The on-going trend in products that provide more features and improved performance constantly drives technology in PCB manufacturing. Today's touch-screen tablet PCs are possible through miniaturization of components and ever increasing circuit density on the PCB.

      TTM's focus on high technology and a one-stop, total solution strategy has been a benefit to high growth markets such as networking/communications infrastructure, touch-screen tablets PCs and high-end computing. Our strategic focus on these fast-growing markets, together with our reputation for performance through our network of highly capable facilities in North America and China has enabled us to generate strong sales growth particularly for advanced HDI PCBs.

      TTM's focus on delivering value and quality is driven by our market driven initiatives, creating advantages for our customers in the following ways:

      • Focused Supply Chain and Material Sets   Our focused procurement teams have in-depth knowledge and relationships with top material suppliers specific to each market.  By doing so, TTM creates uninterrupted material flows to our facilities and a deeper understanding of our customer's product needs.
      • Dedicated Manufacturing   Our factory sites are tailored to meet the precise demands of specific markets.  Production floor management and critical equipment sets are designed for specific product types within each Market sector.
      • Expert Engineering   Our expert engineering staff adapts specific processes to meet the demanding needs of critical customer applications.  Whether it is high speed, low loss, signal integrity, CAF or thermal solutions, our dedicated staff of experts provides solutions specific to each Market sector.
      • Skilled Program Management   TTM's teams of highly skilled program managers bring the critical components together.  Our dedicated specialists possess comprehensive knowledge of technologies and fundamental requirements of specific markets.